La réserve du Président

This is our leading brand. And for nearly 50 years, it has perfectly represented our cooperative approach. From classics to unclassifiable, including sparkling wines, it brings together excellent wines for all tastes and all occasions. The hardest part is to choose!

Historical Cuvée

Unmissable classics

Who doesn’t love the great classics? These wines come from the best selections of grape varieties produced on the hillsides of Pianiccia and Tallone. The red wine reveals expressive notes of black fruits and “maquis”. The palate, rich and powerful, reveals a beautiful structure with fine and melted tannins which ensure a good aging potential. The white wine seduces us with its fragrances of white flowers and its liveliness. The rosé delights us with its fruity aromas mixed with spices. Any preference?

Cuvée Prestige

Well-known and recognized wines

They represent the most awarded cuvée and are the first choice of connoisseurs. Where do they come from? From the Pianiccia plateau, which offers a clay-limestone terroir between sea and mountains, a mild climate with cool nights and excellent ventilation of the vines. Well raised, these great wines can be distinguished by their fruity side, but also by their persistence on the palate and their creamy tannins. Only the best for you!


Noble wines by nature

Would you like to appreciate all the singularity of grape varieties like no other? In white wines, enjoy a nice sun bath with Vermentinu, with its unreal minerality and real floral richness. Unless you prefer the roundness of Biancu Gentile, with its delicate lemon notes. In rosé wines, fall for the liveliness and peppery bouquet of the famous Sciaccarellu. Finally, in red wines, savour the intensity of Niellucciu. Its strong character has nothing to envy to ours!

Muscat Pétillant

A delight that is anything but flat

In our region, we love nothing more than a freshly-popped cork. This sparkling wine with a golden yellow colour has a complex and powerful nose. It will thrill the whole table as an aperitif or with dessert. Made from 100% of Muscat Petits Grains variety, it is harvested on our vineyard and fermented by us in our cellars. Ready to crunch into a fresh grape? Pop!

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