Our cellar

  • Our cellar

    Who said that Corsicans do not know how to receive? Whether you are a well-informed amateur or a perfect novice, welcome to the Cave d’Aleria! Why this name? Because, quite simply, it is in the beautiful region of Aleria, in Haute-Corse, that we work all year round with the same passion. Between sea and mountains, in the heart of the eastern plain, grow the happiest grapes in the world. The exceptional character of our heritage combined with our values, makes the unique quality of our wines.

  • Deep roots

    Let us give back to Caesar what belongs to him. Our region is the cradle of the first Mediterranean farmers. It has been recognized for the quality of its wine since the Roman era. Numerous archaeological excavations have brought to light the historical richness of our lands. A Roman forum and part of its agglomeration were discovered in the 1950s. How can we not love our island whenour soils are full of treasures? Ancient treasures, all authentic! These roots are a precious heritage, which we are keen to recreate in our bottles.

  • Unique values

    We know where we come from, but also where we want to go: Reconnecting with the history of our region to perpetuate its know-how, such is the will of Christian Orsucci, Chairman of the Cave d’Aleria, and of our 70 winemakers located between Borgo and Ghisonaccia. Proud of our roots, we also look to the future, with confidence and ambition. Each of our wines is carefully elaborated with a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Why? Because you deserve the best.

  • Numerous awards

    In our region, it rarely rains. Except a deluge of awards. It is an honour – and a pleasure – to see our wines stand out in prestigious competitions: Vinalies Internationales, International Wine Challenge, Lyon International Competition, Mundus Vini, Concours Général Agricole, etc. The recognition of our know-how encourages us to give the best, nothing but the best. In life as in the vineyard, we reap what we sow.