Terroirs and grape varieties

  • Our land

    It is in Corsica, on the eastern plain, that our 1,500 hectares of vines have been exposed to the sun for generations. The secret behind our wines of excellence? Ancestral know-how, but also a team of professionals who shares our passion. Winegrowers, winemakers, agricultural engineers and technicians: our expectations are the same. Together, we are experimenting new processes as well as ancestral techniques. Our wines matured in amphorae? They gain in purity and minerality; you have to drink it to believe it! With its highly modern equipment, the Cave d’Aleria takes the lead in the island’s wine production, and is the largest showcase of Corsican wines.

  • A land of character

    Sun-drenched grapes, cultivated since the 6th century BC. Today, we perpetuate this culture on each plot of land, helped by the climate, the relief and the richness of our soils. The result? Wines with local accents: notes of black fruit, minerality, smooth tannins or even clay-limestone notes depending on our cuvées … It is through these wines that our terroirs can express their character.

  • A story of sharing

    Once upon a time, there was a desire. That of promoting our region, the Eastern Plain, through our wines. As early as 1958, 70 winegrowers decided to pool their resources, their personalities and their know-how. The Cave d’Aleria was born! What next? A story of sharing, rich in meaning, which is part of an approach of authenticity. And this story, we write it with you.

  • Exceptional grape varieties

    Remarkable grape varieties make remarkable wines. Among our ranges, you will appreciate the citrus notes of Vermentinu, a very old white grape variety, with a generous and saline palate. The Biancu Gentile is an expressive white wine with a lemony colour. Rosé lovers, the Sciaccarellu will enchant you with its notes of toasted wood and flowers of the maquis. Amateurs of red wine, the elegant Niellucciu will charm you with its aromas of red fruits, violet and apricot. There’s a good wine for every moment!

Our grape varieties

Tasting these wines, you will find that the grape variety does not make all the wine and that the influence of the nature of the soils is preponderant in terms of color, tannin, or the degree of alcohol.

We find through the different ranges of the cellar of Aléria, the following grape varieties:

  • For Rose and red wines:

  • For the white wines:

  • For the red wines only: