I Muvrini (“mouflons” in Corsican language) symbolizes the still intact and untouched nature of this island of contrast and passions.

This sweet muscat, 100% petits grains, fruity and racy, is the ideal wine to celebrate the pleasure of being together.

Visual aspect: Medium intensity gold color, with silver highlights and some green shades. The wine is brilliant, crystal clear and well concentrated.
Nice strength.
Nose All the aromas that makes great muscats, with aromas of grapefruit, apricot, mint, mirabelle, quince. After aeration, some floral notes and melon jam are added. More than an aromatic wine, a true fruity symphony.
On the palate: The impression of eating a grape with both its fruity aspect and its freshness. The flavours are tart and honeyed at the same time. You will love the citrus aromas finish.


In order to retain maximum fruity aromas of the grape, we used an elastic membrane press to gently collect the juice. After settling and a cold fermentation beginning in stainless steel vats, the natural richness of the grapes provides a harmonious balance between acidity, alcohol and sugar.


Seul à l‘apéritif, sur un foie gras, un fromage à pâte persillée ou une soupe de fraises pour le classique, mais essayez sur un rôti de veau au citron et vous comprendrez que vous êtes face à un vrai vin.
Serve chilled (8/10°C)

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