Made from 100% of Muscat petits grains variety, it is harvested on our vineyard and fermented by us in our cellars.

This sparkling wine with a golden yellow color has a complex and powerful nose, typical of the Muscat grape variety.

Its fresh mouth gives the impression of crunching in fresh grapes. Serve chilled (8/10°C), as an aperitif, with dark chocolate desserts, fruit salads or exotic ice creams.


100% Muscat petits grains.


You will find exotic fruit aromas, floral notes, and very good alcohol-sugar balance.


The partial fermentation of the must in closed vats lasted 3 to 4 months at low temperature (around 0°C), which bring about an alcohol content of about 6%.

The carbon dioxide, resulting from the fermentation, blocked in closed vats, thus reintegrated the must resulting in the formation of fine bubbles.

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