These wines come from the Pinaccia plateau, which offers its clay-limestone terroir between sea and mountains, a mild climate with cool nights and good ventilation of the vines.

This most awarded cuvee has become an essential brand of our wines range. Its seduces by its fruity side but also by its presence on the palate and creamy tannins.

Cuvée Prestige Président Rouge // Nielluciu, Grenache, Syrah

Visual aspect: Intense ruby color.
Nose: Red and black fruits and jammy stone fruits.
Palate: Superb depth, finesse and complexity on the palate with a fruity attack and a creamy mouthfeel.


Pressing: Grapes are destemmed but not crushed.
Fermentation: Malolactic
Aging: Vats temperature of 25/31 °C, moderate extraction during 20/25 days, then maturation for 10 months in oak barrels.


We recommend pairing this wine with salmis de palombe, boar stew, beef rib simply grilled with vine shoots.
Serve at room temperature (17/18°C)

Cuvée Prestige Président Rosé // Sciacciarellu, Syrah

Visual aspect: Beautiful vivid pink with traces of purple.
Nose: Marked by ripe red fruits.
On the palate: This rich and opulent wine remains peppy, with pomelo and violet aromas. It’s rich and fresh, with a nice length.


Grapes are first destemmed and then, in order to obtain optimal aromas extraction, they undergo a slight 4 hours skin maceration before pressing.
The alcoholic fermentation is carried out at low temperature (between 14 and 18°C) for 3 weeks to preserve the aromas.


This Cuvee Prestige Président Rosé will perfectly pair with white meat, grilled fish or Mediterranean dishes but also exotic dishes such as Asian cuisine.
Serve at room temperature (17/18°C)

Cuvée Prestige Président  Blanc // 100% Vermentinu (Malvoisie).

Visual aspect Pale gold with reflections ranging from straw to green.
Nose Aromatic palette dominated by fruits and flowers. Notes of broom, hawthorn and wild rose but also aromas of apricot, quince and pear compote. Mineral notes after aeration with even a nutty aroma.
On the palate: More discrete on the palate. The first taste is rich, with nice acidity.


Pressing: Elastic membrane press.
Fermentation: Alcoholic fermentation, temperature control.
Aging: Settling and fermentation in new barrels. Aging on the lees.


Enjoy this wine with salad, seafood, shellfish or grilled fish.
Serve chilled (10/12°).

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