These great wines are made from the best selections of Niellucciu, Grenache, Syrah and Vermentinu produced on the hillsides of Pianiccia and Tallone

The red one, with its dark ruby color, reveals expressive notes of black fruits and maquis. The fleshy and powerful palate reveals a beautiful structure with fine and melted tannins that ensure a good aging capacity. The white and the rosé wines are well representative of the appellation. The first one seduces us with its liveliness and its fragrances of white flowers (acacia) embellished with honey-like nuances; the second one with its fruity aromas mixed with spices.

Cuvée historique rouge // Nielluciu, Grenache, Syrah

Visual aspect Nice strength.
Nose Hints of redcurrants, black currants and spices
On the palate: Visual aspect: Nice strength.
Nose: Hints of redcurrants, black currants and spices.
Palate: Ripe fruit and typical finish of maquis flowers. Soft, easy-going attack with a melted acidity and crispy tannins that give a full body before a liquorice finish.


Pressing: : raisins éraflés non foulés.
Fermentation: : température des cuves maintenue entre 25 et 31°C avec une circulation de couverture régulière pour une extraction maximales des arômes et des tanins fins des peaux de raisins.
Aging: : élevage en cuve


We recommend combining this wine with sauce dishes, game and soft cheeses.
Serve at room temperature (17/18°C)

Cuvée historique Rosé // Niellucciu, Grenache, Syrah

Visual aspect : robe attrayante aux nuances allant du cuivré vers le saumoné avec un dégradé sur la couleur framboise.
Nose : attractif, avec des arômes de fraises des bois, de groseilles et de bonbons anglais, avec un trait de grenade
On the palate: : souple et fruité en attaque, avec des notes plus acidulées en fin de bouche.


Pressing: : pressurage direct après égrappage doux
Fermentation: : at low temperature
Aging: : macération légère et courte, débourbage à froid.


Drink with a nicoise salad, stuffed peppers and tomatoes or Mediterranean dishes.
Serve chilled (10/12°C)

Serve chilled (10/12°C).

Cuvée historique Blanc // 100% Vermentinu (Malvoisie)

Visual aspect: Pale golden color, with green and silvery hues.
Nose: The aroma is crisp, elegant and well-balanced.
Palate: Harmonious and intensive.


Pressing: Elastic membrane press.
Fermentation: Alcoholic fermentation, temperature control.
Aging: Cold maceration.


Enjoy this wine with a salad, seafood, fish tartar or scallops tartar. This wine will pair perfectly with grilled fish or sushi.
Serve chilled (10/12°C)

Serve chilled (10/12°).

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